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Optimizing Images & Schema Rich Snippet

Image goes complicated in web pages. Too many images makes worse loading speed. Besides, big image measurement makes a page heavy to load optimally. This can hurt your unique & new visitors. Consequently, it hurts your ranking.

Therefore, included images on your pages should be managed optimally. Many successful bloggers who have known this issue solve it by implementing this steps:

Images Optimizing

1. Compressing images measurement. Use Gimp for instance.
2. Minimize the images dimension
3. Write the image URL in CSS script.
4. Change the images format into JPG or GIF.

Besides, by adding some snippet, your pages will be indexed by indexer with full of information.
How to add the rich snippet at the images in Blogspot blogger?

Here's the illustration!

1. Login your blogger and post a new article
2. Add a new image from your computer.
3. When the image's already inserted in your posting page, click the Properties.

ee this following picture
Image Properties in Blogspot Blogger -

4. Type your Image Title in the "Title Text" and in the image alternate (ALT) attribute.

How to insert image in Blogspot Blogger -

If you use Microdata schema in your blogspot page, remove "imageanchor" script from your image, as this follows:

 What to remove in image attribute in Blogspot Blogger -

How is this too urgent to increase search engine visibility?

When visitor visits your blog pages which are full of big images. Your pages will load as slowly as snails. It makes visitors bored and closed the browser tab quickly and start to find other blogs or sites.

The result is that you increase your bounce rate page, missing your unique visitor and it influences your ranking since Google also decides the rank in this matter.

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