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Missing: Author (3 Times) in Microdata Schema

Some of Blogspot bloggers like modifying blogspot template. it gives a lot of experience. It's fun and give exciting challenge. When the bloggers are capable and expert enough in modifying the Blogspot templates, they could create one template or even more based on their own creativity and sell the templates online. This is one of the best choice in making money online or online business in selling Blogspot templates.
In a process of modifying, we sometimes find mistakes when we looked at the report of structured data of Google webmaster tools. I often get in through with this. Perhaps, most of bloggers do.
The structure of Author above is the default of blogspot's structure. No piece of codes should be modified for it has explained the author of a blog. This code is very important in relation to verification of the owner of the blog. When no details of blog's owner in the page, Google will say that the content has no authors - no owners of the content; therefore, you will find the statement "Missing Author".

One annoying problem is "Missing: Author (1 or more times). It is in Author issue of Microformats-markup bloggers. The original blogspot script in relation to Author is as follows:

Original HTML Script - Blogspot Blogger -
When you meet this error/missing, just create a new blog and copy all the script as above and paste into your blog HTML script.
In Microdata script, based on, An author is enclosed based on the type of a site. It could be web page, blog, article or blogposting.
When the search engine read the script, search engine will know that the script in relation to the author of the blog uses Microdata schema script, e.g., even thought the vocabulary which is used in "class" is "fn" which indicates Microformats vocabulary.

To avoid the misunderstanding of the author status, add tag <div> with Blog Itemtype inside it. It is below the tag <body>, as follows:

microdata schema for person -

You can also add the schema markup in body tag:-

Microdata schema for body tag -

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