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Bad Backlink & Google Disavow Tools

Bloggers need backlink. Backlink improves blogs visibility in search engine and increase Google ranking. The more backlinks are earned, the better will be. What about bad backlink? and, how do we differ bad backlink and good one? When we get bad backlink, how to remove it from appointing to our blog?

Backlink: Bad and Good Backlink

Backlink is the same as inbound links or incoming links to a web page. When a site stores your blog's URL, you then earn backlink. This is about how important your blog according to others. For instance, I write an article in this blog and when I go to the main discussion, I need to inform you that this information was taken from a notable site or notable person. To make easy for my visitor to see if my article is valid in relation to the source, I enclose the URL of the source. This means that the site URL I store inside my article (content) is important for me.

How about blog-walking and guest-posting? Is it included as backlink? Not all webmaster sites reply your questions or share since they have huge business to do. When the webmaster reads your question and consider it unique or good question and need for others to know. He will reply your question and leave your comments displayed there. Then you earn backlink.

From the illustration above, you have known two types of backlinks; Inside a site's content and inside a site's comment. Are both of them good backlinks?. Good or bad does not depends on the two types. It depends on how closed both of site in similar topic/discussion. This is a matter of relevancy and irrelevancy of a topic discussed. When the site enclose your URL with different topic, say, the site talks about health, but your blog talks about education. It's far from good relevancy. That means that you have bad backlink. Matt cutts said that this type of backlinks must be removed. It is the same as when you visit a site and leave a comment to earn backlink from the site. The webmaster sometimes remove the comments to reconstruct his site for better performance or to change the purpose without removing the previous topic. When the Spider of search engine crawls the page, spider finds that your URL has been removed. It then go broken links. It goes bad backlink and you have to remove too. To manage your backlinks. You should manage it carefully and monitor to analyse for better decision in the future.

Many tips I find from many sites or blogs that talk about how to get backlink, specially, Google backlink. However, the most and best backlink is inside of a content with fully relevant topic discussed.

How to Remove Bad Backlink

Since Google announced and launched the Google Disavow Tool, I found many discussions in relation to this tool. But, as a newbie, we are happy for bad backlink can be managed wisely. In other words, bad relevancy discussed above can be removed easily. Before disavowing our bad incoming links, Google warns to ensure that everything is based on consideration.

"If you believe your site's ranking is being harmed by low-quality links you do not control, you can ask Google not to take them into account when assessing your site. You should still make every effort to clean up unnatural links pointing to your site. Simply disavowing them isn't enough."

That means that we have to be careful to disavow URLs we think is being harmed by low-quality links. Low-quality here can be from broken links, forbidden links(denied by robots) and irrelevant links.
When you are done with your consideration, you can go to Google Disavow Tools and choose the URL links by adding a text documents which contains bad links according to you. Then click "Done". Let Google remove it from your blog backlinks for days.

Talking about backlinks is fun. Matt cutts in youtube discussed that too many external links with nofollow will be considered as spammy links.

Watch here below!

Google Also Needs Backlinks

But, What about when my external links contain Google URL and I add rel nofollow for Google Links? Does it hurt my ranking?
Google also needs links (high-quality of inbound links). Since Google evaluate who earns Google ranking, Google also evaluates fair for its own ranking. We do not need to avoid from it because Google has huge good baclinks from Google's blogs or sites partners, say,, blogger. com,, and many many more. Without adding rel no-follow for your external links that contain Google URL, that won't hurt your ranking.

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