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Itemscope Error - Microdata Markup

The recent markup of HTML is HTML5 which can be validated (your blog URL) at In 2006 blogspot template, you will find hundreds error inside your HTML template. But, nowadays, it looks less. The changes also forces other blog like wordpress should transform and mark up their script into microdata, RDF or microformat script. However, microdata is preferably or recommended.
When declared the microdata format in marking up a page of blog, there's no other ways to change it since blogspot could not be accessed by bloggers from the root of the host.

Introduction of [ITEMSCOPE] Microdata Attribute

The attribute [itemscope] means the scope of your discussion will be, at a site or a blog and it is placed at the first line when you want to add new first line of attribute item, say, [blog].

For example: 

<!DOCTYPE html>
<HTML itemscope itemtype='http: //schema. org /Blog'>



When you go to sub-itemscope, you can add [itemtype] which describes the type of the page; webpage, articles, blogposting or blog. The more specific you declare the type of your page, the better interpretation for search engine to understand what type of your page is and display it the search engine result (SERPs).

For example: 

<HTML itemscope itemtype='http: // schema. org/ CreativeWork'>
<HTML itemscope itemtype='http: // schema. org/ Blog'>
<HTML itemscope itemtype='http: // schema. org/ blogPosting'>
<HTML itemscope itemtype='http: // schema. org/ Articles'>

When you change your Blogspot HTML script into Microdata-schema Markup, perhaps you got confused as I did. we do not know where to start and how to markup our HTML into microdata schema. In this chance, we are going to discuss about the Error Itemscope. In blogspot, when you type this following script;

<HTML itemscope itemtype='http:// schema. org /Blog'>

and save your template, you will see this:

Error parsing XML, line 3, column 27: Attribute name "itemscope" associated with an element type "HTML" must be followed by the' = 'character.

To handle this error, you can add two double/single-quote, like this follows;

<HTML itemscope='' itemtype='http:// schema. org /Blog'>

This is also used by Google in "her" grand page, see this following illustration!

Google in Marking up Google Microdata script
However, when you add a widget (blogspot-template layout), you will not get error with the attribute even no quotes after it. Why? Because widget is inside the body of the page, not in the first or in the opening of your HTML page.

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