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How to add, include php script into blogspot template

When a blog needs to be expanded, such as, adding a five star counter, unique visitor counter, Polling and other features for the blogspot, you need web hosting to store your file (codes) which will be connected to your blog. Instead of getting the code from other resources or web, you can build your own code and host it in your own web hosting. This, of course, has advantageous and disadvantageous. 

First, if you host the codes from other web, you will get lost. Too many external links will give your blog bad effect in search engine. If you do this when you get high page rank, your blog page rank can be down. Besides, external links influence too much for your page speed (blog performance). What will happen when the source host has low bandwidth? It will take too long for your page to be displayed. Remember, not all visitors accept (like) the blog with low loading.

Solution: If you have your own web hosting, you can use it to store your code, even this will help your site which the files are stored in the same host in backlink aspect. How about your blog? does it impact too? It depends on four things:
  1. Bandwidth level/quota
  2. How deep the code stored.
  3. How many links out of your blog (keep under 50 external links)
  4. Do you also use java-script to run your code?
All 4 elements above are important to consider or to decide before you go. We do not have other choice, sometimes, to instal our script which has PHP script background without accessing the root of host. And, this can not be done in Blogspot.

Second, features, such as, pooling or visitor counter is also important for us to instal in our blogspot since it has concrete result for us to decide (if this blog is useful for our visitor). If we want to add other codes in our blog, such as, chatbox, It is better to link it to other sources which gives us more backlink, such as Google+ or Google profile.

To add PHP code in our blog is very simple. If you add a PHP file in your side, you usually write like this follows:

Include "visitor-counter.php;"

Add new widget from your blogspot layout. When you add the PHP code in HTML (Blogspot is in HTML format), the code should be like this follows:

<object type="text/html" data="http: //www. pcnet-online. /php-code-is-here.php"></object>

[http: // www. pcnet-online. /php-code-is-here.php] is the path of your PHP script.

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