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7 Big Mistakes: Disapproved Adsense Publisher

Approved Adsense Account means - publisher's blog is qualified enough to publish Adsense ads. How to be approved by Google Adsense? Why my submission was disapproved? Not all blogs are qualified - based on Adsense Account Approval Requirement. I myself have 4 Adsense account. Two Accounts were disabled, one for friend and one for me. All experiments based on the tag /how to be approved/
have been final and therefore, It is time to give you Secret Tips for Google Adsense. I do not give you the points in details. But if you read carefully my words, you will find the real answer.

Adsense Publisher

Publisher means to publish - /to promote/ - the Adsense Ads. To promote the Adsense ads, blog must be proper to do that [to promote]. The question is "What kinds of blog pages must be approved by Google Adsense? The first point is Blog pages, not just a blog. Then what types of pages? This is a big question for mostly bloggers have struggled a lot to achieve this target. You know that Top Level Domain (TLD) has 90% to be approved instead of blog or sub domain or second level domain. What about blogs? Blog has (based on my experiment) 40% to be successfully approved. On other words, for bloggers, to be approved is difficult (I do not say "very"). We can not just apply Adsense and be approved.

Blog Pages

When we create a new blog, say, a blogspot, we firstly pick a name of our blog, then choose the right blogspot template and get posting for our blog. When we decide to create a new blogspot blog, we, of course, think of what topic we will discuss or post. To decide a blog topic is not a piece of cake for it determines how long the blog will survive (including how to obtain the resources (ideas) or source of the articles and the unique content we've got).
When we have done with the topic, we press the topic into more specific and set 5 choices (of specific main ideas). Then consider if it is unique ideas and useful for the readers or visitors. If yes, go to the name (URL) of your blog. Pick the URL which has tight relevant to your blog's topic.
For example:
URL = cycle-tuneup. blogspot. com
Title/Blog Name = Tips to tune up your bike

From the example above, both URL and name of the blog have correlation or have a tight relation. They both are like one planet with two sides; ground and sky, but they are still in planet discussion.

Next, choose the best blogspot template which represent your main (pressed) topic. Please do not care of the animation (including pages, pointer, chatbox), flash, java-script or i-frame since Ad-sense hate this kind of template. Just focus on your unique and useful (quality) content.

7 Big Mistakes you should avoid in order to be approved by Google Adsense

1. Your blog has no correlation as a related and united niche. for instance, URL has no relation to name of the blog and blog description, keywords and content. Therefore, 5 of this must be syncronous (URL, Name, Description, Keywords and Content).
2. Your blog does not use English language is your primary content communication, at least, 75 % in English context. Do not worry for your bad English. You can use Google translate to install your articles.
3. You do not manage your blog appearance professionally. Therefore, you should pick the Blog Archive, Popular Post (not label), Your Google+ Profile, One Search Box, Menu or navigation and Logo of Blogger.
4. You have less content. Then you should have at least 300 or more words in every pages you publish (not less but more). Besides, the content must be unique and be published contextually based on your deep skill and experience. Adsense hate spam content or pages which are full of images and other ads. Please post your best articles (which contain, at least, 300 word and unique discussion), at least, 3 times a week.
5. You never take care of the landing page. Then you should remove java-script if exists or other animation and big images to make your loading pages like a snail.
6. You give Google bad ID. That means that you must give them your real name, address, phone number and submitted blog to be reviewed when you apply at Google Ad-sense. Sign up from your blogspot dashboard, not in the Adsense global page.
7. You take less care of your blog traffic. Since traffic decides your success as a blogger, you should find the answer how to optimize your blog and earn lots of unique visitors and subscribe your best articles.

If you have read the 7 points above and change into better reaction, you will find your account approved. Since Google Adsense currently decides to give answer if your blog is approved or not during 4 to 6 months, you have to keep professionally in managing your blog specially your blog content. When you get your blog and account in Adsense review, you should be more active in managing your blog and keep posting your best articles.

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